Why we are Closed on Sundays

I’m sure you’ve stopped by a store on a Sunday afternoon only to notice the closed sign.  We all have.  Ugh!  So frustrating! Why would we choose to have a closed-on-Sunday policy?  Why lose out on the sales for that entire day?   For us the reason is three-fold. Honoring our Values Goedecke Flooring and (continue reading…)

How the Pros Clean Grout

We all know you’ve scrubbed and scoured, but the stains remain.  The professionals at Goedecke Flooring and Design can help you solve your grout problems. Why grout gets stained Grout is naturally porous, absorbing any liquids it encounters.  Even epoxy grout (which we highly recommend for its stain repelling qualities) has tiny holes which can (continue reading…)

House Paint Brushes Demystified

Brushes are a timeless tool.  They reach into tight corners, form sharp lines, and don’t spatter like rollers or sprayers. Quality brushes, that is.  Bargain brushes, on the other hand, shed bristles and quickly loose their shape, creating streaks and lumps in your finished project.  Painting is time consuming, don’t let your choice of brush derail (continue reading…)