Tips For: Shades & Blinds

Story Behind Every Remodel: Asian Elements

asian-element  Design for this bedroom is by a Goedecke designer.     Our designer worked very closely with the client to make sure every inch of the room was designed the way client imagined.  The client is a world traveler and a photographer, who is fascinated with Asian cultures. During the designing process, the client (continue reading…)

Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

decorating mistakesDecorating mistakes.  We all make them, and sometimes they are horrifying.  Personally, I’m currently dealing with Winnie-the-Pooh wallpaper and rapidly growing children. I’m not sure why I never realized that the kids would age faster than my desire to redecorate.  When they were in diapers I had the greatest time shopping for that sweet toile (continue reading…)

Is window lining necessary?

window-lining-necessary.pngI remember learning the importance of lining curtains while decorating my daughter’s bedroom when she was first born.  I thought it would be so nice to buy the ready-made valances that matched her quilt perfectly.  Well, lets just say I was extremely disappointed when my windows looked nothing like the image on the package.  The (continue reading…)