Tips For: Family & Community Values


We have been having a great time sorting through old photographs recently. Did you know that Goedecke Flooring and Design Center started on the handles of a bicycle? Learn more about our family legacy  and our history of serving NH.

Our Exclusive Sunday Sale

Long weekends are the best for reconnecting with family.  Around the card table this weekend we were sharing funny stories, and  Nancy G. had us feeling grateful for our customers when she reminded us of one particularly hilarious incident in which we should have lost thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, but instead gained a (continue reading…)

Why we are Closed on Sundays

I’m sure you’ve stopped by a store on a Sunday afternoon only to notice the closed sign.  We all have.  Ugh!  So frustrating! Why would we choose to have a closed-on-Sunday policy?  Why lose out on the sales for that entire day?   For us the reason is three-fold. Honoring our Values Goedecke Flooring and (continue reading…)