Tips For: Tile

Spring Cleaning

It’s starting to feel like Spring! Get all your cleaning supplies here at our store. Tile & StoneFor tile & stone make sure to use Bona stone, tile, and cleaner. Make sure use the grout and marble sealers to prevent future damages. How to prevent staining on stone or grout? How do you know when (continue reading…)

Hardwood vs Tile

Many homeowners choose hardwood flooring for its elegant and timeless appearance. It is also important to note that hardwood floors are manufactured in different styles and textures and can create a warm and inviting appearance, a rustic and cozy style, or even a modern, sleek look. There’s nothing quite like the look of hardwoods, whether (continue reading…)

How the Pros Clean Grout

We all know you’ve scrubbed and scoured, but the stains remain.  The professionals at Goedecke Flooring and Design can help you solve your grout problems. Why grout gets stained Grout is naturally porous, absorbing any liquids it encounters.  Even epoxy grout (which we highly recommend for its stain repelling qualities) has tiny holes which can (continue reading…)