Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

Decorating mistakes.  We all make them, and sometimes they are horrifying.  Personally, I’m currently dealing with Winnie-the-Pooh wallpaper and rapidly growing children. I’m not sure why I never realized that the kids would age faster than my desire to redecorate.  When they were in diapers I had the greatest time shopping for that sweet toile with the perfect combination of characters… and now I’m going to be pulling down perfectly good wallpaper and spending a weekend prepping the room for paint.  decorating mistakes I know I’m not alone in this, so how can we avoid falling into these decorating mistakes?

Following trends

We all love to be fashionable, but your house is your home, not a magazine cover or pinterest board.  Make sure that you are designing for your reality.  Don’t let yourself get stuck with the latest version of the lava lamp unless you absolutely love it.  You are going to spend lots of time in your home, and you want it to feel comfortable.

Pushing furniture against the wall

Seating spread too far apart stalls conversation and makes a home feel unwelcoming.  Try using a sofa table to bring pieces forward.  Even better, take home a few of our area rugs to try in your space and see how they fit.  A rug that is a bit smaller than your room can anchor your furniture beautifully in the middle of the room to create intimacy.

Thinking short term

Yes, the tiny details are important, but if you spend all of your time and energy focusing your room around a certain color or theme, you may become distracted when it is time to make the real decisions.  Focus first on what matters – the floors and fixtures that you won’t be changing out anytime soon.  These are the foundation for your room.  Your taste may change (ahem…  Winnie-the-Pooh, I’m looking at you here) so plan for it.  Add vibrant colors in places like your paint or throw pillows, rather than your carpeting.  

Ignoring the entryway

The entryway is your first opportunity to welcome visitors to your home.  Unfortunately, this is also usually the easiest place to dump the mail, kick off shoes, and toss backpacks.  Focus on keeping this space organized, and make sure it expresses your personality.

Outdated accessories

When you live in a space for a while, it is easy to stop noticing the obvious.  Try switching out the knobs on your kitchen or bathroom cabinets for an instant update. Our cash & carry department offers all of the supplies you will need to make a quick change to your hardware.

Skimping on installation

Beautiful window treatments hung so that they sag, excellent tile installed crooked, or paint slopped over light switch plates all do a disservice to your expensive renovation.  Here at Goedecke Flooring and Design, our professional installation teams turns mundane supplies into an artistic expression of your own personality. Des05-15 Decorating mistakes don’t have to be repeated over and over again.  Allow our interior designers to help you plan your next project, and ensure that you will be happy with the results for years to come. Sheryl-signature.png