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For four generations, the Goedecke family has been decorating New England’s finest homes.

HP00061st Generation, 1923.

George Goedecke achieved “Meister Maler” (Master Painter) status in the decorative arts at the Kaiser’s Palace in Berlin, Germany, but when rampant inflation between the World Wars destroyed his previously flourishing business, he decided to move his family to America. In those early years, he was often seen tenaciously pushing a bicycle with no tires through the streets of Manchester with painting supplies slung over the handlebars. Thanks to his industrious nature, George was able to not only establish Goedecke Painting, but expand his business by training a crew in painting, wallpapering, gold leaf, and elaborate faux finishes.


2nd Generation, 1932.

In the decades that followed, the Goedecke family steadfastly maintained their work ethic and attention to detail. Herbert Goedecke joined his Dad at the age of 16, after completing his sophomore year at the West High School. Father and son soon expanded the business to include more than 20 employees, and when Herbert was called to serve in the US Army at the end of WW2, “Great-great-grandpa” George kept the company moving forward until his son’s return.


3rd Generation, 1969.

As the business reputation grew, so did the specialized requests from their clientele. After finishing a business degree and serving in the United States Army Corps of Engineers, 1st Lieutenant Alan Goedecke returned home and formed a partnership with his father, Hebert. Sadly, before the final papers could be signed, Alan’s dad died of a massive heart attack and Alan suddenly found himself in charge of the company. Alan used his business knowledge to expand the business from primarily contracting services, to an interior design showroom.

DSC_77614th Generation, 1999.

Over the years, the Goedecke family has remained resolutely committed to providing their customers with high quality products and artisan installation. Today, siblings Herb and Peter have joined their parents on the Board of Directors and the family continues to increase the variety of products and services that they offer. They are proud to be recognized throughout New England for not only beautiful products, but unwavering dedication to personal service.

DSC_02255th generation?

(Still in the treehouse decorating stage.) The family legacy continues as the next generation of Goedeckes entertain themselves with sweeping floors and crushing boxes when they visit the store. We are excited to see what the future will bring.

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