Our Exclusive Sunday Sale

Long weekends are the best for reconnecting with family.  Around the card table this weekend we were sharing funny stories, and  Nancy G. had us feeling grateful for our customers when she reminded us of one particularly hilarious incident in which we should have lost thousands of dollars worth of merchandise, but instead gained a sale. Exclusive sunday sale Many years ago our paint department head stopped by on a Sunday (the one day a week we are closed) to pick up something he had forgotten.  He quickly grabbed what he needed and left, but somehow the door didn’t latch properly behind him.  He hopped in his car and went on his way, never noticing. A few hours later, a customer came in to look for wallpaper.  The day was bright and the light from the windows lit up that area beautifully.  She pulled out book after book leisurely enjoying her time searching for the perfect pattern without interruption. Later a second customer entered.  This one simply needed a paintbrush.  Since no staff appeared at the front counter to help with checkout, the first customer took pity on the second who was anxious to finish a remodeling project.  She said that she would make sure that the payment was made.  Quickly money and paintbrush were exchanged with a promise to notify the staff. More time passed, and still our design staff never appeared.  It was Sunday after all, and nobody was scheduled. The customer became worried.  What if something awful had happened in the back of the store?  What if she had just “stolen” merchandise by giving it to the second customer.  What if the reason for the poor service was a horrible tragedy of some kind?  She quickly decided to call the police. The police arrived and then contacted Alan and Nancy who assured them that there was no frightening scenario, just an unlocked door. The best part of the story?  The first customer left the money for the second customer’s paintbrush, along with a very sweet note on the countertop. That level of honesty and caring is what keeps us enjoying every day at Goedecke Flooring and Design Center.  An unlocked unstaffed store should, by all accounts, result in being robbed blind, but instead we made money. Our customers are truly amazing! Sheryl signature