Which Carpet Fiber is Best?

Wall to wall carpet is one of the warmest and most comforting flooring choices you can add to a room. I remember lying on my belly as a little kid, running my fingers and toys through the fibers.  At that time I didn’t think much about what it was made of.  It was cozy, and that was all that mattered to me. Now, as an adult, I am confronted with the many choices that come with buying carpet.  With so many different fiber options, how do we decide on the right one?best carpet fiberHere is a quick guide from the designers here at Goedecke Flooring and Design Center:


Nylon is the most common carpet fiber choice because of its extreme versatility.  It is durable, resists crushing, maintains twist, is easy to clean, and resists mildew.  Nylon is the perfect choice for high-traffic areas like entryways or commercial spaces.  Nylon is not inherently stain resistant, however most are nylon carpets are now treated for excellent stain resistance.

Olefin (Polypropylene)

Affordable and stain resistant, Olefin carpet is best noted for its extreme resistance to bleaching and fading.  Olefin does not absorb water, therefore the color of the fiber is created during manufacturing process resulting in a product thats color is true throughout.  Olefin has less strength than some other carpet fibers, making it more likely to show traffic patterns.  It is a popular choice for family rooms and other spaces with lots of natural light.

Polyester (PET)

Polyester fibers have excellent color clarity, are naturally fade and stain resistant, and are generally quite soft.  It is the least expensive carpet fiber choice, but for that benefit there are trade-offs.   Polyester is prone to crushing and matting and is therefore recommended for only medium traffic areas such as bedrooms.


Luxurious and extremely durable, wool is one of the more expensive options because of its exceptional quality.  The deep rich look and feel of this premium fiber is unparalleled.  Wool is extremely durable and flexible, and is naturally resistant to staining and crushing.  The beautiful texture and colors are the greenest choice for sustainable living.  As a natural fiber, wool can hold 10 times its weight in water making it a fantastic choice for humidity control, but not for damp basements.
Peter G. – “Wool is also naturaly flame retardant because it will not flame up but instead it will smolder.  We once worked on a house that was saved by the antique rug. The portable fan caught fire and the rug did not combust. They were gone for days while the carpet smoldered, The windows for the home were black on the inside but but the 200 year old house was spared. Any other fiber would have caused a full fire”
Speak with one of the flooring experts at Goedecke Flooring and Design Center to learn more about the unique qualities of our carpet fiber choices. Sheryl signature