Why we are Closed on Sundays

I’m sure you’ve stopped by a store on a Sunday afternoon only to notice the closed sign.  We all have.  Ugh!  So frustrating! Why would we choose to have a closed-on-Sunday policy?  Why lose out on the sales for that entire day?   closed on sundayFor us the reason is three-fold.

Honoring our Values

Goedecke Flooring and Design Center started with a values based vision.  Our first priority is to honor God, not to make money.  We keep our promises, make good on our mistakes, and treat others as well as we humanly can.  Part of honoring those values includes setting aside Sundays to worship, and serve others. This is a decision we haven’t regretted in 4 generations, and it has served us well as our sales have always more than met our needs. Now, there was that one time that we actually made money on a Sunday, despite being closed, but that’s another (rather funny) story you’ll have to read about sometime

Honoring our Employees

Sundays won’t find us in the store, and neither do we want to inflict those hours on our co-workers.  They deserve the time off. It isn’t easy to give our employees all that we believe they are worth.  These are the people we owe our livelihood to, and they deserve to have time with their families to play, worship, and enjoy as they see fit.

Honoring our Business

Rest is not only good for the soul, it is good for our business.  No one does their best work when they are exhausted.  By granting our staff a steady day each week to relax, we have employees who come back energized and ready to serve our customers to their best ability. This also keeps our turn-over rate very low, even decreases the risk of injury to our installers Closed 315859 1280  Version 2 But won’t people just go somewhere else if you are closed? Well, maybe they will, and that is fine.  We are okay with loosing a few sales knowing that we have gained a more content environment in our Design Center. Come on in and let us show you just what a difference our values make to our customer service. Sheryl signature